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S. Korean directors deported from Bali for filming without permit

The directors of South Korean reality show Pick Me Trip In Bali were deported from Bali on April 27.

Bali's Ngurah Rai Immigration Office head Suhendra was quoted by CNN Indonesia as saying the directors – YJC, 49, and NJ, 33 – did not complete the permit application for filming in Bali.

Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation, Bomi of Apink, Lim Na-young of Ascendio, South Korean television presenter Choi Hee, Dita Karang of Secret Number and the show's filming crew were detained on April 25 after an investigation was launched based on a tip-off.

Mr Suhendra said the Immigration Office received information that there was suspicion of unauthorised filming by foreigners.

"The Ngurah Rai Immigration Intelligence and Enforcement Team (Inteldakim) went to Uluwatu and found 31 Koreans filming in the area."

In his April 26 statement, Ms Suhendra explained that the directors had applied for permit from the Indonesian embassy in Seoul but was told to improve on the details in the application.

However, the directors did not return to the embassy to accede to the request and complete their application. The Pick Me Trip In Bali crew including the K-pop idols arrived in Bali on April 21.

The Indonesian embassy in Seoul then relayed information with regard to the filming application to the Immigration Office in Bali.

Out of the 31 South Koreans detained, 15 left Bali on April 25 and another 14 left on April 27. Dita Karang, who in Indonesia-born, returned to South Korea on April 25.

Only the two directors responsible for the filming were deported.

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