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Xiang Yun appalled at scammer preying on her at mum's wake

The wickedness of scammers knows no bounds, preying indiscriminately without a care for the victim's situation.

Veteran actress Xiang Yun, whose mother died on Sept 21, shared how she almost fell victim to a scammer at her mother's wake.

The 62-year-old Singaporean said a man claiming to be from the funeral services company showed up at the wake and told her he was there to perform the rituals, Shin Min Daily News reported on Dec 19.

"At about 3pm to 4pm that day, a young man came to the wake. He claimed that the monk who was supposed to conduct the ritual wouldn't be coming that night, as the master had died and the monk had to attend the funeral," she said.

The man asked Xiang Yun if he could conduct the ritual earlier than scheduled: "We hope to conduct the ritual earlier and we wish to show our sincerity by donating the fees to the master's funeral."

Xiang Yun was told the ritual would cost $1,200, which she could pay him immediately via PayNow.

She sensed something was amiss, so she called the funeral services company and the funeral director debunked the man's claims.

"I am very sad about this. Why would people scam someone at a funeral?" Xiang Yun lamented.

She urges everyone to remain vigilant against scammers.