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Biker Boy meets Instascram: Stake-outs revisited

InstaScram revs in the new year by teaming up with Singapore’s Biker Boy.

We meet Zaihan Mohamed Yusof,  journalist at the helm of The New Paper's Biker Boy column for over a decade. Biker Boy has been at the forefront of life on two wheels bringing you motorcycle reviews, safety issues and all things adventure-related.

Zaihan has even collaborated with the Traffic Police in their latest motorcycle safety campaign. One of the most popular TNP Biker Boy videos to date features him riding ‘shotgun’ alongside a Traffic Police officer while documenting numerous traffic violations en route.

In this episode of InstaScram, both Zaihan and Nessa break out the scramblers to go to the far west of Singapore — Lim Chu Kang. 

They do some off-road riding at the Bahtera Track, an unpaved road leading to Jalan Bahtera in Sarimbun.

Zaihan is also a lauded news journalist and he shares some of his past adventures performing stake-outs, trying to uncover stories in this secluded and forested area. Of course, in these situations, his bike  also proved handy.

Sarimbun and Jalan Bahtera are areas of great historical significance in Singapore,  utilised as farming and fishing areas before being re-designated as military training districts.

Nessa and Zaihan also take in some of the local sights such as Cashin House and Lim Chu Kang jetty which still used for fishing and angling. It now serves as a popular spot for wedding photography and even a backdrop for television shows.

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