Working out and eating clean keep Hartono fit

Not many people know this, but local singer Nathan Hartono is very much into working out and eating clean despite his hectic schedule.

Whether it's clocking a run or shifting some weights at the gym, the 25-year-old makes sure he's physically active throughout the week to keep himself in tip-top shape.

"I'm quite unregimented when it comes to working out," he said.

"But I make sure it's at least three times a week, to set aside time to do something with my body - like playing football with friends, boxing or just running.

"I also try to have a good diet, which is all about making the right decisions consistently. For example, picking an apple over a chocolate bar. Eventually, you'll develop a taste for healthier foods."

You might think Hartono, being a singer, would have a favourite playlist whenever he pounds the pavement. He does, but it's an unusual one: He listens to hour-long podcasts.

"It's actually my favourite part of the run," he said.

"They're all comedy podcasts - like Comedy Bang Bang and The Adam Carolla Show - so I'm constantly entertained while exercising."

This article first appeared in the April issue of Men's Health, the 100 per cent useful magazine for health, fitness and lifestyle tips, which is now available on tablets.

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