$18 for 2 bowls of rice at Marina Bay Sands, but no issue for guest who flaunts wealth on TikTok

A TikTok user's video about an $8 bowl of white rice is causing a stir.

TikToker @richlife1688 shared a video of a Marina Bay Sands in-room dining bill of almost $19 for two bowls of white rice.

Captioning the post as the "most expensive small bowl of white rice", the receipt showed that each bowl cost $8. After GST and taxes, the total charge is $18.83.

The video has received more than 350,000 views and hundreds of comments. 


Most expensive small bowl of white rice

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While some netizens said that “MBS is rice made out of gold", and the luxury hotel is making a “daylight robbery”, some noted that the price is no issue to the TikToker.

The handle, with almost 11,000 followers, holds true to its name as the account is a means where the user flaunts his wealth. 

The TikToker would often post videos showing thick wads of cash such as showing a paper bag containing stacks of $100 notes, and money scattered all over a bed, or videos of the high life such as shopping for branded watches and staycations at luxury hotels.


today money stack into neat position

♬ You Know Who Is My Father? - 黃明志