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How to be more innovative at work

All of us at the office are busy with daily tasks and often forget to be innovative.

We know that successful people are remarkably innovative. They are able to do incredible things in the same time we have.

You may look at them and wonder how they are so innovative. Are they blessed?

While we may feel stuck at work every day, there are other people in the world feeling thankful for the innovation that has changed the world.

First things first, you should believe you can be innovative too.

Day-to-day work can kill your creativity, but only if you let it.

Here are a few ways to be more innovative at work:


Often, it is we who limit ourselves.

Believe in yourself and remove assumptions and restrictions about your capabilities.

Open your mind so you will have new and fresh ideas for your company's growth.

Try to find new solutions by thinking outside the box.

Surprisingly, innovation is more about psychology than intellect.


In most brainstorming meetings, there are no mind-blowing solutions being created. In every brainstorming session, do these three things:

Ask impossible questions

These are not hard questions that nobody can answer.

These are thought-provoking questions that combine your ambition and problem.

It charges creativity and turns on problem-solving mode in every meeting.

Turn "can't" into "can if..."

When there's a problem to solve, don't give up easily.

Banish the easy route of saying "we can't" because thinking "we can if..." is a great way to trigger innovation.

Solve the opposite problem

This is a fun technique to do. When trying to solve a particular problem, try looking in the opposite direction.

For example, if you are trying to create "the best laptop design", start with ideas for "the worst laptop design".

Using this method, each idea will spark another interesting idea.


You can get brilliant ideas everywhere, during your office commute or even at a holiday resort.

Capture your unique thoughts, ideas, and inspirations on paper immediately. This way, when you're stuck for ideas, you can flip through your notebook for some inspiration.

Many innovators keep a journal to jot down their ideas.


The reason why you feel bored is because you are stuck in a rut.

If you are desk-bound at your office, try different spots to work from.

If you are allowed to work remotely, try working from home or a cafe.

Consider going on weekend getaways.

By having fun and breaking your routine in such an extreme way, your thoughts will shift.

A fresh mind triggers innovative thinking.

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