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Cetta expands into new sectors by acquiring stake in EAS.ai

In a key strategic move, Indonesian IT solutions and software provider Cetta (PT Cetta Trans Digital) has announced that it will acquire part of Singapore AI start-up EAS.ai (EAS.ai Pte Ltd).

Cetta is a subsidiary of ACSI Corp, Indonesia’s group of companies that developed Life Essential Technology. It is best known for providing software support for its sister company Trusur (PT Trusur Unggul Teknusa), Indonesia’s largest environmental technology solutions provider which focuses on air quality monitoring.

With over 11 years of dedication to environmental technology, Cetta has earned a stellar reputation for its innovative air quality and emissions monitoring software solutions.

Its contributions are crucial elements in software and integration for solutions such as Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AQMS), Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), and other critical features like Early Warning Systems (EWS).

The acquisition will solidify Cetta’s environmental technology leadership in Indonesia by advancing its AI technological capabilities while opening up new market opportunities such as the military, aviation and healthcare.

Mr Deni Khanafiah, Cetta's chief executive officer, said: “We are very excited to partner with the extraordinary EAS.ai team. As an agnostic tech player, they have an extraordinary portfolio and capabilities.

"This significant step, which marks a new future together, will be focused on development, growth, and business expansion."

A synergistic acquisition

EAS.ai is a local AI and Tech 4.0-centric start-up with an impressive portfolio in the military, aviation and healthcare sectors.

The company excels in AI and data science, low-code and no-code platforms and digital transformation initiatives.

EAS.ai’s diverse innovations include AI that scans and moderates content from social platforms like YouTube to identify potential national security threats, real-time speech-to-text transcription and AI-triggered notifications to enhance air traffic communications, and predictive analytics to identify potential health risks early and improve patient outcomes.

With its holistic range of core competencies, EAS.ai will significantly enhance Cetta’s offerings by enabling higher-order features like predictive AI and preventive intervention.

For instance, EAS.ai's machine learning and data analytics expertise will allow Cetta to develop more sophisticated air quality monitoring systems to predict pollution levels more accurately and initiate preventive measures.

EAS.ai’s expertise in the military, aviation and healthcare sectors also opens new avenues for Cetta, which has opted for an industry-agnostic approach to developing solutions. 

Mr David Siow, chief executive officer and chief financial officer of EAS.ai, said: "We are proud to join ACSI Corp under the leadership of Cetta and acknowledge our new sister company, Trusur, for its pioneering role in the industry over the past decade.

"We are excited about the opportunities that our future collaboration will bring."

Future plans and the next big thing

The acquisition of EAS.ai by Cetta represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards its strategic goals.

As a result of technological innovation and market diversification, Cetta is well-positioned to maintain its leadership in environmental technology and can further its expertise in smart IoT systems and AI in environmental monitoring and other sectors. 

Mr M. Ade Kurniawan, chief executive officer of ACSI Corp, said: “Our objective is to enhance ACSI Corp's strong capabilities as a leading life-essential technology group of companies, and to strengthen processes with a focus on long-term growth, while taking advantage of new opportunities in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.”

This move also underscores Cetta’s commitment to leveraging technology to address environmental challenges, reinforcing the company’s position as a forward-thinking leader.

Developments for the future are already in place, with several promising projects in the works. 

For example, Cetta is developing a software, Fortech Greenhouse Gas, that facilitates inventorisation of greenhouse gas emissions which will provide even greater insight into emissions monitoring on a national level.

Another is Fortech City, an advanced air quality monitoring platform that provides real-time data and comprehensive pollutant analysis, which helps cities effectively manage urban air quality and improves public health outcomes.

Driving sustainable outcomes for the region

The acquisition of EAS.ai by Cetta marks a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution, ushering in a new AI-centric era for ACSI Corp.

This strategic move strengthens Cetta's leadership in environmental technology and marks its entry into the military, aviation, and healthcare sectors.

With promising projects like the Fortech Greenhouse Gas and Fortech City, Cetta reiterates its commitment to addressing environmental challenges and improving public health outcomes. The company is now ideally placed to deliver more sophisticated and effective solutions and drive innovation across Southeast Asia.

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