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iPhone 14: Steve’s daughter Eve Jobs unimpressed

The youngest daughter of the late Steve Jobs of Apple has used an Internet meme to indicate that she finds the latest version of the company’s flagship phone little different from its predecessor.

Ms Eve Jobs, 23, posted a photo of a middle-aged man buying the same shirt as the one he is wearing, with the text: “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple's announcement today.”

The photo had earlier appeared in a meme on the WallStBets account.

Others have also reacted to Apple's latest launch with comments saying Apples’s upgrades are marginal while its price keeps going up.

Apple has kept prices for the iPhone 14 stable in the United States. But it has raised prices in some Asian countries where currencies have dropped against the dollar in the past year, Reuters reported.

In Japan, buyers of the basic iPhone 14 will pay 20 per cent more than they did for the iPhone 13 when it was launched a year ago.

In China, though, Apple priced the iPhone 14 the same as the iPhone 13 at its launch.

In Singapore, the Apple website lists the iPhone 14 Pro with a 6.1 inch display at $1,649, and the Pro Max with a 6.7 inch display at $1,799.

The new model comes with the ability to use satellites to send emergency messages.

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