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Looking fly on your flight

Beauty tips to help you look fresh-faced and flawless on the plane

If you've ever wondered how celebrities step off the plane with glowing skin and perfect hair, you're not alone.

As someone who used to disembark looking like a wreck - flat, static-charged hair; red eyes; parched skin and cracked lips - I feel you.

But flying does not have to be disastrous for your look any more. Here is a flight plan to looking gorgeous every time you land.


One thing to note about cabin air: It's extremely dry. This really takes a toll on your skin, but you can combat it by slathering on a hydrating sleeping mask before flying.

These are richer than your usual lotions and creams, and will keep moisture locked in throughout the flight.

If you're flying in the day, make sure to apply sunscreen - especially if you're seated by the window.

Skin-damaging UVA rays can penetrate glass, and long-term exposure can increase your risk of developing melanoma.

A study published in the journal Jama Dermatology found that pilots and cabin crew who flew for an hour at 9,200m were exposed to the same amount of carcinogenic radiation as a 20-minute session on a tanning bed. Yikes!

Make it a point to keep your skin as bare as possible when you travel too. After all, you might doze off on the plane and the "no sleeping with your make-up on" rule still applies.


Whenever you fly, have a facial mist with you.

Just be sure that the bottle is not more than 100ml and you're good to go.

These hydrating sprays do an amazing job of refreshing and moisturising your skin during the journey.

Spritz every hour or so, or whenever your face feels dry.

On long-haul flights, you can even pack a face moisturiser or sleeping mask to apply.

Other essentials include lip balm and hand cream.

Slick these on after meals and toilet trips, or whenever your lips or hands feel dry.

If you're feeling extra diligent, pack a small bottle of leave-in hair serum or oil to tame frizz and static-charged locks.


Once the captain makes his landing announcement and the plane begins its final descent, you can start the last leg of your beauty prep.

Use a gentle wet wipe (one formulated without alcohol) to refresh your complexion and wipe off any grime that has accumulated.

Next, rehydrate skin with your face mist or moisturiser.

If you touchdown in the morning or afternoon, you can apply a layer of moisturising base make-up with sun protection properties. Pick cushion compacts for easy, fuss-free application.

Add on some lipstick or blusher if you want a hint of colour too.

When it comes to your mane, brush through and secure with a headband or scarf to hide a flat or limp 'do.

You can also pull your locks into a high ponytail for a youthful, fresh-faced vibe.

Do a final check in the mirror and you're good to go!

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