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George Clooney is the "worst neighbour"

There are good neighbours, there are bad ones as well and then there's George Clooney.

The Tomorrowland star and his wife Amal Alamuddin, who tied the knot in Italy last year, are only due to move into their new $21 million crib in Berkshire, England at the end of July but their future neighbours already have a bad impression of them.

According to the couple's soon-to-be neighbours, construction on the Clooneys' new home has disrupted their daily lives.

Mirror UK reported that residents are annoyed by the loud noises produced by the machinery, sanders and drills.

The noises coming from the site have also disturbed rehearsals at a nearby theatre.

"Half the locals love having a celebrity in town, others think he's [Clooney] the worst neighbour you could have," a resident told The Sun.

"The construction's been going on for months and will be lucky to finish before the year is out."

The Clooneys' completed mansion will boast a boathouse with private mooring, a 12-seat cinema and a 15m swimming pool.

(The site of the Clooneys' new mansion in Berkshire, England.)     PHOTOS: YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB


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