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Python strikes at tyres of passing vehicles in Teck Whye

A snake that found itself on a road in Teck Whye struck at passing vehicles just before 11pm on April 27.

Retiree Calvin Yeo, 63, told The Straits Times that he was driving with his son in Teck Whye when he spotted the reptile on the two-lane road. It appeared to be striking at the tyres of passing vehicles.

As their car approached the sname, Mr Yeo and his son saw that it was a python of about 2 metres in length. It was striking at at least five passing vehicles as it lay in the middle of a two-lane road near Block 136 Teck Whye Lane.

“It’s my first time seeing a big snake in an urban area. It was quite scary and aggressive. The snake’s belly was bulging like it had just eaten an animal the size of a cat,” Mr Yeo told ST, adding that passing vehicles slowed down to avoid hitting the snake.

The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) said the python was sluggish as it had just eaten.

“Because of their sluggishness, snakes become vulnerable and will generally be more defensive. This will explain the snake’s behaviour in being defensive against passing vehicles," said Acres co-chief executive Kalaivanan Balakrishnan.

He added that the reptile was probably trying to find a safe spot and distressed by the traffic.

Two Acres workers rescued the python. The snake was checked for injuries and will be released into a suitable habitat.