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Top Gear's new host is Chris Evans (no, not the avenger)

Months of speculation have come to an end.

The new host of the BBC's global-hit motoring show, Top Gear is... Chris Evans

Sadly, ladies, it's not the devastatingly, handsome Avenger and Captain America actor that many may associate with the name.

It's this guy.

Evans is a popular DJ and TV presenter in the UK and he will take over from Jeremy Clarckson, who was sacked from the show in March for punching one of his producers.

Like Clarkson, Evans is no stranger to controversy.

Though not on the level of allegedly baiting Argentina with offensive number plates, insulting all Mexicans or hitting the film crew; but Evans has had a few acres of newsprint dedicated to his exploits.

He had ruled himself out the running for the Top Gear gig, though a significant clue was there in the one-off revival of his 90s chat show TFI Friday last Friday.

A significant part of the show was to what some felt was an audition for the role of Top Gear host.

He even had an interview with Clarkson.

And here is Jeremy Clarkson giving some tips to Evans on TFI Friday.

Clarkson even told Evans: "You're not going to get my old job."

And Evans replied: "Don't want it...."

Another guest on TFI Friday? F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

Yesterday the truth was revealed.

Evans, 49, signed a three-year contract to present the world's most popular factual TV programme bringing to an end months of speculation over Clarkson's successor.

Clarkson was fired from the TV show, which amassed 350 million viewers per week in 170 countries, after he punched a producer in the face in March.

He had taken the show from a dry magazine programme to a stunt and celebrity-packed entertainment spectacle.

An internal BBC investigation found that Clarkson physically attacked producer Oisin Tymon following a lengthy verbal tirade over the lack of hot food.

Clarkson then punched Tymon, hurting him in the process.

Evans is not a completely unexpected choice.

He has a similar irreverant approach to presenting.

He is a well-known motoring enthusiast who has an impressive collection of expensive and fast cars including rare Ferraris.

Evans, host of the top-rated BBC Radio 2 breakfast show is clearly thrilled.

He said:

"Top Gear is my favourite programme of all time, created by a host of brilliant minds who love cars and understand how to make the massively complicated come across as fun, devil-may-care and effortless.

"I promise I will do everything I possibly can to respect what has gone on before and take the show forward."

It remains to be seen if The Stig is still going to figure in the new format.

Source: AFP, BBC


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