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Why is Sonia Sui giving birth in Singapore?

Sonia Sui is just full of surprises.

The Taiwanese model-actress first shocked many when she married her husband Tony Xie in Las Vegas early this year after dating him for four months.

Mr Xie, who is based in the US, reportedly works in the financial sector there.

Sui, 34, had met him through singer Tammy Darshana Lai, who is Mr Xie's stepmother. 

Sonia Sui (left) and her husband Tony Xie. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ SONIA SUI

On Wednesday (July 1), Asian Pop News reported via Apple Daily and China News that Sui had revealed her birthing plans to Taiwanese media at an event that she had attended.

Reportedly five months pregnant, Sui said that when she is due, she will be giving birth in Singapore.

This decision came after she discussed it with her husband and both of them felt that Singapore was a good place to begin their journey as parents.

She said: "It's quieter over there (no paparazzi).

"Tony said that it was also close to Taiwan."

Not only is she intending to give birth here, Sui also said she will be staying here throughout her confinement.

During the couple's recent trip here, it seemed like they fell in love with the sunny island.

Durians, nice walks at Hort Park, watching local dramas — they relished each experience.



I'm glad you don't hate it 榴槤!

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Aw they made me cried

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She had captioned her post above that Singapore was the perfect combination of "comfort and cleanliness".

Sui had also revealed previously that she had had her first date with Mr Xie in Singapore last September.

Love guru

Perhaps why Singapore also holds a special place in her heart is because there is a man from here who gave her the courage to get married in the first place.

Last November, Sui had revealed to the Singapore media that her co-star in Taiwanese drama, Mr Right Wanted, had assured her that marriage was a great experience.

Who is this Singapore love guru?

Local actor Christopher Lee.

Lee, whom many female celebrities have described as a model husband to wife-actress Fann Wong, had given Sui sound advice.

Sui said that Lee was the one who had urged her to settle down.

She said: "I think the great thing about him (Lee) is that he always gives people the feeling that marriage is a beautiful thing.

"I don't know if the situation I find myself in is unique to Taiwan, but I feel people have lost faith in love and marriage because there are too many cheating incidents and sudden divorces.

But he (Lee) constantly tells you, 'It's (marriage) not that scary. As long as you put effort into it, it's not that difficult. It's easy to be happy.'"

Sonia Sui (left) and Singapore actor Christopher Lee. PHOTO: SPH FILE PIC

Source: Asian Pop News, Apple Daily, China News, Instagram/ Sonia Sui

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