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Brush up your Hokkien - Mr Unbelievable style

From viral video hit to the big screen, it looks like local actor Chen Tianwen's upcoming Mr Unbelievable movie is going to give Singaporeans a chance to brush up on their Hokkien.

Chen, who became an Internet sensation after starring in the Unbelievable music video for local sitcom Spouse for House, features in a 90 secs-long behind-the-scenes clip with several of his fellow cast members like Liu Ling Ling, Tosh Zhang, Jaime Teo and Marcus Chin.

In it, the actors and actresses are put through their paces about their knowledge of Hokkien and, if you like, you can test yourself with the four screenshots we took below.

Try it out before hitting up the actual video for the answers.


Mr Unbelievable opens in cinemas on Dec 3.

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