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That gibberish the Minions speak? Some of it is Bahasa Indonesia

If you speak Bahasa Indonesia and you think you heard some familiar words in the latest Minions movie, you don't need to get your ears checked. 

The voice of the Minions, Pierre Coffin, is half-Indonesian, and confessed to having used some Bahasa words in Minion speech since the yellow characters' first outing in Despicable Me (2010). 

That's why you would've heard words or phrases like 'terima kasih' (thank you), 'kemari' (come here) and 'paduka raja' (your highness). 

“I find the Indonesian language very beautiful. It is like music,” he said in an interview, reported The Jakarta Post. 


The 47-year-old Coffin (above) is the son of Indonesian novelist NH Dini, whose full name is Nurhayati Sriharini Siti Nukatin, and French diplomat Yves Coffin. The couple separated in 1984. 

Coffin is not just the voice of the Minions - he co-directed both Despicable Me films with Chris Renaud, and co-directed the latest Minions spin-off with Kyle Balda. 

Minion speech also contains words from languages like Spanish, Italian, English and Greek. 

Source: The Jakarta Post