Watch Ansel Elgort dance through the ages

The young actor shows off his dance moves with a tutorial on almost 100 years' worth of dance, from the Charleston to the Nae Nae

Ansel Elgort is becoming quite an all-rounder - actor, dancer, music producer, DJ...

Judging from the video that's making rounds on the Internet, the 21-year-old proves he can really break it down.

In a video from his Teen Vogue September cover shoot, the Fault In Our Stars actor shows off some pretty impressive moves while sporting the season's top fashions. 



From the Charleston to swing dancing to disco to '80s hip-hop styles and even house (his favorite), Elgort is giving Channing Tatum a run for his money in the actor-who-can-also-dance category.



On the cover of September @teenvogue

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Ansel, who also turns tables under the name of DJ Ansolo, has a background as a trained ballet dancer.

Those who follow his Instagram account would notice that the Divergent actor is quite an avid rock climber too.



Climbing in the desert in Nevada. #climbingrocks

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The start of the route #climbingrocks

A video posted by anselelgort (@anselelgort) on Aug 15, 2015 at 8:07pm PDT



Source: Billboard, Cosmopolitan

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