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Can she shake off lawsuit?

Lawyers demand photos showing US singer Taylor Swift's breasts & buttocks in T-shirt copyright case

Demands from lawyers of apparel line Lucky 13 to see photos of Taylor Swift's breasts and buttocks as part of their copyright lawsuit against her have been labelled as harassment by the singer.

Seven-time Grammy Award winner Swift, 25, is being sued by Lucky 13's head Robert Kloetzly, for presumably copying his fashion line, after she started selling T-shirts bearing the words "Lucky 13".

The number is known as Swift's favourite, and a reference to her December 13 birthday.

In May 2014, Kloetzly first petitioned a local California court for damages and all of Swift's profits from the affected products.

Court papers showed requests for all photos and videos in which the singer's "breasts are at least partially visible" and her "buttocks are at least partially visible", as well as those of her "wearing lingerie or attire procured from an adult or sex shop" for her music video Bad Blood, reported the New York Daily News.


Also wanted are all documents describing Swift's "participation in a photo shoot or video production that used latex apparel purchased or otherwise obtained from a store that offers erotic apparel, such as fetish clothing".

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Kloetzly's lawyers are expected to argue that photos of Swift's cleavage and bottom would demonstrate how she uses her sex appeal to attract consumers who buy Lucky 13 products.

Swift's legal team has called the requests "harassing tactics" that demand "irrelevant material".

They asked US Federal District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney to step in and grant a protection order against further "prejudice and harassment".

Lucky 13's lawyer Gary J. Rinkerman in turn dismissed Swift's harassment accusations as "typical legal rhetoric".

"She has many, many times used Lucky 13 and said that it's her lucky number. So it's entirely appropriate to ask her how that commenced and how she allowed it to continue," the Daily Mail quoted Mr Rinkerman as saying.

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