170,000 sign petition to resume search for missing British sailors

This article is more than 12 months old

The U.S. Coastguard has announced it will resume the search for four missing British sailors after nearly 170,000 people signed a petition begging authorities not to give up on the Cheeki Rafiki crew.

British Prime David Cameron was quick to applaud the move.

The news comes after more than 40 private boats vowed to start their own search for Andrew Bridge, Paul Goslin, Steve Warren and James Male who have been missing in the Atlantic since Friday. 

Yachts from around the world are set to descend on the last known location of the 40ft Cheeki Rafiki, with crew members on board the vessels keeping in constant contact with the missing men's families.

On Sunday, the US Coastguard called off their search for the crew saying the men were unlikely to have survived in the severe weather for more than 20 hours, Mail Online reported. 

But on Tuesday, a spokeswoman said: 'The US Coast Guard has resumed search efforts for the missing crew of the Cheeki Rafiki. More information will released as updates on the search effort are available."

Source: Mail Online

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