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China says criticisms on IP protection lack evidence

This article is more than 12 months old

BEIJING: Criticisms of China's intellectual property (IP) protection "lack evidence" and IP infringement is a worldwide problem, the head of China's National Intellectual Property Administration said yesterday.

Critics also ignored the significant progress China has made on IP protection, Mr Shen Changyu told a press conference in response to a question on concerns raised by countries like the US.

"Some countries' criticisms of China's IP protection lack evidence and are non-specific," Mr Shen said.

IP protection has been a topic of "deep concern" in ongoing Sino-US trade negotiations and China would take further measures to comprehensively strengthen its IP protections this year, he said.

The measures will include amending China's IP laws to increase the cost for infringements, boosting the efficiency of IP approvals, and providing lower-cost and more convenient IP protection channels, Mr Shen said.

Washington and Beijing last year slapped import duties on each other's products as the US seeks reforms to Chinese practices that it says result in the theft of US intellectual property and the forced transfer of technology from US companies to Chinese firms.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will travel to Beijing for trade talks beginning tomorrow.

In April, the Trump administration labelled 36 countries as inadequately protecting US intellectual property rights, keeping China on a priority watch list, a move that Beijing said lacks objective standards and fairness.

"China has some problems and we are stepping up efforts to fix them. But meanwhile, IP infringement is a global problem that exists in every country," Mr Shen told reporters.

"Every country should try to improve their business environment and fix their problems, instead of window dressing themselves," he added. - REUTERS