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Jagger Moves like Legendary British rockers Rolling Stones thrill with performance at Marina Bay Sands

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Who says The Rolling Stones are too old to shock?

The quartet of Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards delighted the crowd when they performed in Singapore yesterday.

Fans gathered at Marina Bay Sands' (MBS) outdoor Event Plaza yesterday evening to watch the free simulcast of the Stones' gig.

The veteran band even greeted the audience in person before their performance, as they briefly appeared on stage to say hello and thanks.

A fleeting appearance was enough to send the crowd wild, before the band rushed back to MBS to perform in the Grand Ballroom.

For their third visit to Singapore, The Rolling Stones played to a much smaller audience of probably a few thousand.

This was in stark contrast to the huge arenas they are known for performing at.

But that did not mean their performance was a low-energy one, even if the combined age of The Rolling Stones come up to 280.

They hit the stage blasting the classic Jumping Jack Flash.

This, against a backdrop that looked like a hybrid of their iconic tongue logo and a particularly complex level of Candy Crush.

And in keeping up with the times, those who could not catch the performance at the ballroom or the simulcast could do so on the band's official Twitter page.

Mick Jagger, a constant dynamo of energy, proved to be as energetic as he was the last time The Stones played here in 2006.

Strutting and preening and grandstanding for the, shall we say, more mature crowd, he did not stand still for most of the gig.

He only left the stage to let Richards take the lead for two songs.

The crowd, feeling a little rebellious while standing, pushed to the front of the stage with some dancing (or at least they tried to).

Plenty of fans even took to standing on the cushioned chairs to get a better look.

The crowd watching the simulcast outside, many of whom were younger given the prohibitive prices of a ticket for the ballroom gig ($250-$700), were no less appreciative.

Student Nick Sharp enthused: "It's awesome, I couldn't have asked for more. I like how Mick Jagger keeps interacting with the crowd. That's just brilliant."

The 17-year-old added: "My life is complete after hearing Gimme Shelter live."

Slightly older but still rocking, Mr Josh Lim, 59, was blown away by the experience.

"Fantastic," he said.

He added: "I use Brown Sugar as my ring tone. I wanted to buy tickets online, but it was sold out so quickly. I think the outdoor venue is a great place for fans to experience the concert."

The Rolling Stones' encore may have been You Can't Always Get What You Want and (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, but those sentiments were definitely felt by anyone who saw them yesterday night.