Mums, now you have a priority seat in China... to breastfeed on the bus

This article is more than 12 months old

Too shy to breast feed on board a public bus? Never fear.

Mothers can now do so while travelling on a Jinhua public bus in Zhejiang province, China.

A bus company has designed a private maternity seat for women to breastfeed their babies, Net Ease News reported.

The move is to prevent embarrassment among mothers, it added.

Mums with babies get priority

An official from Jinhua No.2 Public Bus Operation Company said anyone can use the special seats if no breastfeeding mother is on board. But baby-bearing women get priority.

A hanging curtain encircles the maternity seat, forming a little private space.

The trial is ongoing on the No. 28 bus route.

More maternity seats will be set up gradually if feedback is positive, the official added.

Source: Net Ease News