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Man sues Zhao Wei for staring at him too intensely through TV set

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We've heard about gangs starting fights because of staring at someone wrongly.

And apparently this rule doesn't elude celebrities - in particular, Chinese actress Zhao Wei.

A Chinese man is trying to sue her for staring at him too intensely - something which has caused him "spiritual damage".

Lest you think this staring incident took place in real life, where both parties were in close proximity, you are mistaken.

Zhao Wei allegedly stared at him through the TV set - during the airing of her TV series Tiger Mom, reported the Legal Daily.

Zhao Wei is the lead in the drama which is about a couple with opposing views and their struggle to raise their daughter.



Many have expressed outrage, saying that this is an example of citizens abusing their rights. 

It is not known if the Shanghai Pudong new district court has accepted the case.

However, an official criticised the lawsuit saying: "It's not necessary to waste our judicial resources on cases like these."

Such trivial lawsuits have earn the ire of Chinese courts after regulations introduced on May 1 have made it more difficult for courts to reject claims.

Courts have to clearly state reasons for rejection. Even then, citizens have the right to appeal the decisions.

This has led to an increase of 29 per cent in cases compared with last year.

Source: AP, Guardian