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The new viral trend among teens: The condom challenge

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From trying to get Kylie Jenner's fake lips to people telling the whole world not to "judge them" - this year has had its share of weird viral trends. 

But we're not done yet. 

The latest trend is the "condom challenge".

The trend started over a week ago and involves two people (maybe three if you count the one recording the ridiculous act), a condom and a lack of sense.

One friend sits in a bathtub while the other hovers over that person with a water-filled condom. The condom is then released above the sitting friend's head.









This is apparently the video that started it all, involving a couple of Japanese guys. It's garnered over 9,000 likes and retweets.



Some people have tried to link the challenge to a meaningful cause, claiming to spread the importance of condoms, and that there are no excuses as "it doesn't fit", because it can incredibly fit an entire head.





As with all challenges, it is all fun and games until you realise the possible dangers that come with having a condom over your face.

Depending on how much water it is filled with and how elastic the condom is, the way the contraption bursts might just lead you to suffocating in the airtight seal and gasping for air. So, BAD IDEA.

No word on any serious accidents ... yet. 


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