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Pigeon arrested in India ... for spying?

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Think spy and you might conjure images of suave men in dinner jackets. International men of mystery.

Pigeons would not be so high on your list.

Yet a pigeon that appears to be from Pakistan has caused an espionage-based ruckus in India Punjab's Pathonkot.

It landed on a home just 4km from the Pakistan-India border.

The white pigeon was spotted and caught by Ramesh Kumar because it looked suspicious. 

He then took it to the police station.

It had "Tehsil Shakargarh" - a district of the Pakistan city of Narowal - stamped on it in Urdu along with some illegible text. Urdu is Pakistan's national language.

The message has yet to be deciphered.

India and Pakistan have a long history of hostility.

Rakesh KaushalPathankot's police chief told CNN: "It's the first instance of its kind in my area. It's a sensitive border here."

Indian authorities said that they are "conducting investigations".

This is despite the fact that the bird did not have any message attached to it. The pigeon was also x-rayed but no spying equipment was found.

The pigeon will remain in the police station until investigations are over. 

Source: India News, CNN. RT

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