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Real life Kung Fu Panda: crane fends off hungry tigers

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Visitors at a zoo in China got more than what they paid for when a fight broke out between two tigers and a crane.

The crane had been blown into the tigers' enclosure in Fuyang Wildlife Park in Zhejiang province by strong wind.

Unfortunately for the crane, the big cats thought that it was mealtime and started chasing their prey.

The chase came to a short halt when the tigers thought they had the bird cornered. 

But they thought wrong.

In what looked like a scene from Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda, the crane charged at its pursuers, causing them to scramble to get away.

When one of the tigers tried to approach the crane again, the bird flapped its wings furiously to warn the predator to keep its distance.



Daily Mail Online reported that the crane was later rescued by workers and treated for the minor injuries it sustained during its battle with the tigers.

As for the big cats, they probably spent the rest of the day licking their wounds and thinking about that one prey that eluded them.




Sources: Daily Mail Online, The Telegraph




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