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Woman spotted carrying endangered African Crowned Crane by its wings

A video of an exotic bird being carried around by a woman has been making its rounds on social media recently. 

It appears that the bird – that’s being carried by its wings – is an African Grey Crowned Crane. 

The video shows a woman rather calmly carrying the bird by its wings without much fuss. The bird does not appear to be uncomfortable or struggling either. 

Some commenters on Reddit, where the video was uploaded, speculated that the bird was a pet that flew away. 

"Seems domesticated," one Redditor said. "I think it's a pet that flew away and the helper [is] bringing it back home."

This is not the first time this species of bird has been sighted in Singapore. 

A similar bird was seen pecking at a black car in a video posted to the Facebook group, Singapore Wildlife Sightings in December 2020. 

Netizens at the time identified the bird as an African Grey Crowned Crane.

According to National Geographic, the African Grey Crowned Crane is much sought-after and regarded as a status symbol for the wealthy. They are usually caught illegally before being sold.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared the African Grey Crowned Crane an endangered species.