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Thief made to eat 60 bananas to purge necklace he swallowed

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He had stolen a woman's necklace and swallowed it to 'remove' the evidence.

But when police in India brought him to the hospital to do an X-ray, they saw the 25g necklace inside the suspect's body.

In order to get the jewellery out of him, the police officers brought 60 bananas to the hospital in a bid to expel the necklace out of him.

Anil Jadhav had snatched the necklace worth about S$1,200 on Monday (May 4) from a housewife in Mumbai.

"We searched him thoroughly in the police station but did not find the necklace. Then some people who had caught him told us that they had seen him swallowing something," police official Rahul Pawar was quoted telling the BBC.

Senior Police Inspector Sanjay Surve added: "We provided four dozen bananas to the hospital so they could feed them to Yadav.His family also arrived later, and they are also feeding bananas to him.'

Jadhav has defecated it after he was fed special liquids and bananas, and had four enemas administered to him by doctors. The necklace has since been returned to its owner.

The necklace apparently had a large pendant which delayed its retrieval. 

However, owner Rajashree Mayeker told local media that she has refused to wear it and was having it melted to re-make it.

The special diet is not the first time that the method is being used by Indian police on a robber.

In 2007, police forced a thief to gobble down 40 bananas in a few hours, in order to pass out a gold necklace that he had snatched and swallowed. The necklace was then washed and returned to the woman who owned it.

Last year, a man in Mumbai was also fed 36 bananas so that police could retrieve stolen property.

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