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Other hoarders in the news

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JULY 17, 2013

A four-room flat in Woodlands belonging to a woman in her 50s was completely filled with junk and she resorted to leaving rubbish outside the unit. Neighbours were hindered from accessing their own flats by the pile blocking the corridor, which was also infested with cockroaches.

DEC 5, 2012

A 75-year-old woman was found dead in her flat in Ang Mo Kio which was filled with rubbish.

A neighbour whose husband had visited the flat 10 years before the woman's death said he had seen newspaper piles all over the place.

JUNE 2, 2012

Singapore Civil Defence Force officers took 15 hours to remove a man's body in the toilet of a Hougang flat that was cluttered with junk, stacked floor to ceiling.

Police officers had to wear face masks while sifting through the mountains of rubbish.