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S'pore man, 51, found dead in Bali hotel with woman, 24

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The Singaporean guest had booked a luxury villa for two in Bali, Indonesia.

It came complete with a private pool, garden, chauffeured rides and romantic dinners - which Mr Chuan Kok Leong, 51, specifically asked for as part "of the VVIP service".

But on June 12, he was found dead in the villa.

His 24-year-old companion from Hong Kong, Miss Luo Yuesha, was lying next to him. He had introduced her to staff there as his wife.

The couple had checked into Mahagiri Villas in Sanur, on Bali's south-east, on June 5.

A spokesman for Mahagiri Villas told The New Paper: "Our staff received a call from Hong Kong (on June 11). The man on the line said he was Miss Luo's family. He wanted us to check on her because she had e-mailed them saying something bad was going to happen to her."

But when staff went to the one-bedroom $800-a-night villa, they found a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. They knocked and called, to no avail.

The next day, the man from Hong Kong phoned again. He insisted that they check on Miss Luo.

This time, the spokesman, whom we are calling Mr S, met his front desk officer and a security guard. The trio went to investigate.

Again, there was no response.

"I used the master keycard to open the door. That's when I saw the couple lying there," Mr S recalled. "There was blood everywhere. Mr Chuan had blood coming out of his mouth."


Shocked, he closed the door and rushed to call the police.

Indonesian papers reported that the couple were found with prescription drugs next to them.

Commissioner Nanang Pri Hasmoko, the South Denpasar Police chief, told the Jakarta Globe: "When we arrived at the scene, the man was already dead, while the woman was still breathing and had a pulse."

Ms Luo was unconscious and frothing at the mouth.

Officers found various medicines in the room and a doctor's prescription, indicating the pair may have tried to commit suicide by overdosing.

Commissioner Nanang said the police were treating the case as an attempted double suicide but were not ruling out other possibilities.

There was no sign of violence on the bodies, The Bali Times added.

Ms Luo is in intensive care at Sanglah Hospital.

A mortuary spokesman said Mr Chuan's body was claimed from the hospital last week.

Mr S told TNP a doctor had visited the villa earlier, at Mr Chuan's request. "He told us his wife was not feeling well."

Another colleague who drove the pair around said they had spent 1.3 million rupiah (S$130) on medicine.

A check of Registry of Marriages records showed Mr Chuan was married here to a different woman in 1992.

When TNP went to the flat registered under his name in Bukit Panjang yesterday, the woman who answered the door declined to comment.

A neighbour, who declined to be named, said she knew little about the family as they kept to themselves.