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Sim Lim Square's phone scam makes headlines internationally

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It's what Singaporeans have been talking about all week: Sim Lim Square and one Jover Chew.

After a shop at Sim Lim Square called Mobile Air tried to give a $1,010 refund to a Chinese tourist in coins, a Vietnamese tourist was allegedly scammed while buying an iPhone 6.

After paying $950 for the phone, he was tricked into signing an agreement to pay the shop an additional $1,500 for a one-year warranty for it. 

Staff filmed him crying and begging on his knees for a full refund of the phone and the video has since gone viral.

And Singaporeans haven't been the only one talking about this.

Major news outlets like BBC, Daily Mail and The Bangkok Post have picked up this story.

They also highlighted how Singaporeans have come to the aid of the Vietnamese tourist, Mr Pham Van Thoai, through the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign started by Singaporean entrepreneur, Gabriel Kang. The campaigned has raised almost US$12,000 (S$15,000). 

Below are some of the news reports:

The Star, Malaysia

Jawa Post, Indonesia

The Bangkok Post, Thailand

The Borneo Post

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