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Airbnb's latest staycation location is a Singaporean stunner

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How would you fancy a staycation at one of Singapore's most prominent landmarks this National Day Weekend? 

As part of the nation's 50th birthday celebrations, SG50 has teamed up with Airbnb and Esplanade to give one person a truly Singaporean staycation of a lifetime on the eve of National Day.

The winner of SG50's Biggest Fan contest and three loved ones will get to spend a special night in their new 1960s Singapore-themed home on the Esplanade Theatre stage.

The staycation package includes a joget class  during which the winner and his loved ones will get to don traditional Peranakan costumes from the Main Wayang Company – an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Esplanade, as well as a dining experience at the Esplanade's rooftop restaurant.

And to end off the staycation, the lucky four will get to join in the nation's 50th birthday celebrations at the National Day Parade.

For a chance at winning your dream staycation, film a short, creative video (no longer than 15 seconds) of yourself wishing Singapore a happy birthday and submit it here. The winning entry will be announced on SG50's Facebook Page on August 5.

When it hosts its first overnight guests this National Day weekend, the Esplanade will be added to the list of most unusual holiday homes offered by the site.

Here are five of the most exotic Airbnb locations in the world:

15th Century Castle, UK

Live like royalty in this 600-year-old medieval castle.

Local stone, limestone and oakstone were used to make the castle feel as traditional as possible so this is as close as it gets to the ones in fairytales.

Hobbit Hole, Thailand

Turns out Middle Earth is much closer to us than we think.

You can catch a bus to The Shire from the Thai capital of Bangkok and for just $76 per night, you'll be on your way to reliving your fondest The Lord of The Rings memories.

Converted Railway Carriage, UK

With a beautiful interior that seems to have been untouched by time, this railway carriage turned holiday home is the perfect photo spot.

No longer bound to a track, the carriage now lies next to sea and is quite possibly one of the most picturesque staycaiton destinations in the world.

Horse Ranch, US

Thinking of taking a trip to the wild west? Why not spend your holiday in a horse ranch?

Play traditional saloon games such as horse shoes and pool or spend a quiet night watching the stars in the barn's private room.


Treehouse, UK


This is arguably the best place to just sit back and take in the lush greenery around you.

The inside of the treehouse looks surprisingly cosy so that should put those who are afraid of living in the wild at ease.

But if that doesn't bother you, then by all mean go ahead and unleash your inner Tarzan.

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