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The app that waits in line for you at the bar

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An app is trying to take the pain out of trying to order your drinks at a busy bar.

Orderella promises that you don't have to compete for the bartender's or waiter's attention by allowing to place your order on your phone.

Once the order is placed, you can pay for it using your credit card, debit card, Paypal or Apple Pay.

So all you have to do is to pick up your order at the bar or have it delivered to you.

It is, available on Apple's iOS and Google's Android,

Orderella's CEO Dennis Collett said in an interview with CNN that they are planning to launch the app in Singapore this month.

However, they did not specify an exact launch date.

Although you can download the app now, there are currently are no bars in Singapore that are signed up with it.

So until they launch, we will have to jostle with the rest of the crowd at the bar.

Meanwhile, here are other apps that you can use now to make your life that much easier.


Get hawker food all from the comfort of your cellphone. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB

This app gets a mention because it promises to deliver hawker food to your doorstep.

According to The Straits Times, the app launched in October.

However, a test of the app showed that they had a rather limited number of hawker partners so far and also limited number or areas in Singapore that they deliver to.

For example, they do not deliver to our office in Braddell.

The makers of the app said they have plans to find partners from at least half the hawker centres in Singapore by the end of next year.

Hopefully, in the near future, we would be able to munch on heavenly ohr luak  from Fengshan Market and Food centre without having to step out of the house.


In the market to rent or buy property?

This app makes it easy to browse property all over the island.

You can input the requirements that you want in a property and it will generate a list of potential properties that you can browse.

The clean interface makes the app very easy to use.


Book a delivery service with a few taps. PHOTO: APP SCREENGRAB

This the app to solve all of your logistics woes.

Whether you need to deliver small goods or if you need someone to help you move into your brand new house, the app will allow you to book an appropriate moving service with ease.

Just tell the app what and when you need a transportation service and and it will match you with the closest available delivery service.


Find or suggest a bus route using Beeline. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

This Government-backed app allows users to suggest bus routes to private bus operators.

The bus operators would then ply the route that has the most demand.

According to their Facebook post, they have received over 6,800 route suggestions as of September.




Beeline takes YOUR suggestions and turn them into routes. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible by making all these suggestions!Suggest you route at

Posted by Beeline SG on Sunday, September 13, 2015



Once you find a suitable route, you can book a trip on the app, avoiding the hassle and uncertainty of traveling on public transport.

Food Panda


Too lazy to cook or go out of the house, but too bored with McDonald's?

Food Panda allows you to get food delivered to you from a whole range of restaurants.

And we mean a whole range.

From pizzas to sushi, Food Panda will deliver food to your location in just a few taps.

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