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David Beckham surprises para athletes in Singapore

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David Beckham pops by Singapore so often he may as well get some property here (oh, do!). 

The soccer star was spotted at Marina Bay Sands today (Dec 6, 2015), watching five-a-side football at the ongoing 8th Asean Para Games. 



According to the folks at Marina Bay Sands, the star had earlier surprised Para Games athletes at the Games Village.


The 40-year-old had attended the Singapore International Film Festival red carpet event on Saturday night (Dec 5). 



Today, he was taken on a tour of the "Nila Suite", where athletes can relax and participate in recreational activities. 

Becks himself was invited to learn some origami:

Beckham (left) with president and CEO of Marina Bay Sands, George Tanasijevich, folding paper hearts. PHOTOS: MARINA BAY SANDS


Beckham was also introduced to our very own sporting mascot Nila, who, we must say, seemed a little too smug about getting to hug the star:



Said Beckham: 

“It is inspiring to see athletes pursue their passion with such great desire. There is no bigger honour than having the opportunity to represent your country. The sporting spirit is very much alive at the Games Village and I am privileged to have the chance to meet these incredible people.”


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