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Good news for motorists: Attend course, cut demerit points

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From next month, motorists who have accumulated half or more of their maximum allowable demerit points will have a chance to reduce these points through the Traffic Police's Safe Driving Course (SDC).

Eligible motorists - those with 12 to 23 demerit points if they do not have an existing suspension record, or 6 to 11 demerit points if they have an existing suspension record - will receive invitations from the Traffic Police starting from Nov 4 to attend the course.

Those who complete the course will have three demerit points cancelled from their driving records.

"Motorists may receive the cancellation of three demerit points twice during their lifetime," said the police in a statement yesterday.

The course will consist of theory and practical sessions for a total of four hours. These can be completed within a day or on two days at one of the licensed driving schools - ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre and Bukit Batok Driving Centre.

The theory session will cover topics such as how accidents can be prevented, the responsibilities of drivers, safe driving habits, recommended interaction with other road users, and case studies of actual accidents.

Participants will practise safe driving techniques under the supervision of a driving instructor during the practical session.

They will be required to complete and pass a quiz at the end of the session.

"Eligible motorists who choose not to attend the SDC will continue to have their demerit points held against their driving record for the stipulated period," said the police.

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