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Haze rising to 'very unhealthy'

This article is more than 12 months old

The haze remained at unhealthy levels - when the PSI is between 100 and 200 - throughout yesterday and may go into the very unhealthy range of above 200 today.

Some outdoor activities were affected. Runs scheduled for yesterday morning were either cancelled or turned into walks so that participants would not exert themselves in the unhealthy air.

The 24-hour Pollutants Standard Index (PSI) was in the unhealthy range islandwide from the early hours.

The three-hour PSI also fluctuated in this range throughout the day and stood at 185 at 11pm.

The 24-hour PSI is expected to be in the mid-to-high sections of the unhealthy range and may enter the low section of the very unhealthy range if "unfavourable winds bring in denser haze from Sumatra", the National Environment Agency (NEA) said yesterday evening.

The Safra Celebration Run & Ride event on Sentosa was held yesterday morning, but its 5km celebration run and Families For Life 1.5km run were both converted into walks to prevent participants from engaging in "strenuous outdoor physical exertion".

The POSB PAssion Run for Kids, a charity event held by the People's Association and POSB bank, was cancelled.

But it went ahead with its planned carnival at Marina Bay Promontory.

The Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer, scheduled to take place at 7am, was also cancelled.

The impact of the haze depends on one's health status, the PSI level, and the length and intensity of outdoor activity.

Reducing outdoor activities and physical exertion can help limit the ill effects from haze exposure.

Given the air quality forecast for today, even healthy persons should reduce prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion, NEA said.

The elderly, pregnant women and children should minimise prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion, while those with chronic lung or heart disease should avoid such exertion altogether.

The Ministry of Health, on its website, advises people to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in hazy conditions.