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Sitoh: I'm like Jackie Chan

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The PAP's Sitoh Yih Pin responded to Mrs Lina Chiam's statement that she had raised more questions in Parliament than he did in the past four years.

"We all love Jackie Chan movies. But we know he only makes one movie a year for the past few years.

"But his one show a year is always a hit. There are no queries about his ability to act because of his lack of movies. I am the same."

Mrs Chiam is the Singapore People's Party candidate for Potong Pasir SMC.

Mr Sitoh said that in the 4½ years he was MP for the ward, he brought about many changes, such as Medi-Assist, a scheme to help defray the costs of doctor visits and medication.

He introduced the scheme after learning that a resident had skipped buying medication and used the financial assistance she had received to buy textbooks for her daughter instead. Mr Sitoh found out only after the woman died.

He said the changes he introduced to the ward were done without sacrificing the kampung spirit.

Said Mr Sitoh: "Having kampung spirit does not mean that we have to live in a kampung. Kampung spirit is about the community spirit.

"You must cheer for one another, care for one another and be happy with one another."

He mentioned the Rose (Rice, Oil, Sugar and Essentials) programme, a food drive initiated by the Potong Pasir community, saying: "For the past three years, on the first Sunday of each month, we deliver Rose packs to more than 300 families."

Rose packs include rice, oil, sugar, toothbrushes, toothpaste, fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen fish and chicken.

"We pack about five tonnes of essentials each month. Each pack weighs about 15kg. To me, this is kampung spirit - you must cheer, care and look out for each other," said Mr Sitoh.

"I have many more examples, but if I continue on, this will go on all night and we will not have enough time."

Physical additions to the area are popular. His team opened a gym more than a year ago and it was an instant hit. It is free for residents. Toa Payoh Lorong 8 residents then asked for one and he said they would get it.

"I promise, I deliver. Simple as that," he said.

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