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Some of Singapore's worst maid abusers

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The number of maid abuse cases in Singapore that have come before the courts has been on the rise in recent years.

Statistics from the State Courts show that in 2014, there were 26 maid abuses cases, almost double that in 2012.

In the past five years, the courts saw a total of 90 cases, reported The Straits Times. This works out to an average of 18 cases a year, or about one case every three weeks.

Here are some of the worst maid abusers from the last 10 years.


Maselly Abdul Aziz leaving court in 2009. PHOTO: ST FILE

For two months in 2007, Indonesian maid Ms Badingah, 30, was subjected to what  was described as "systematic torture".

Maselly Abdul Aziz, 39, had instigated her family and her lesbian lover to pour boiling water on Ms Badingah's genitals.

Her daughter, Nur Rizan Mohd Sazali, had pulled out two of Ms Badingah's teeth with pliers and her brother Muhammad Iz’aan Mohd Sazali, then 20, had caned her.

Ms Elsa Elyana Said, 25, Madam Maselly's lebian lover, punched the maid and helped to pulled out the maid's teeth.

Maselly had instigated the torture to get the maid to confess that she had been stealing from the family.

The boiling water was punishment for Ms Badingah's alleged mistreatment of Masselly's younger daughter.

The maid decided to save herself in July 2007 after she got traumatised by the mere action of Maselly switching on the kettle.

She jumped out from the window of the Outram Road flat and landed two floors down. She then fled towards Hotel Miramar.

There, a security guard helped the maid to call the police and ambulance.

In November 2009, Maselly was jailed for three years.

Her daughter Nur Rizan Mohd Sazali was sentenced to two years and two months in jail.

Her son was jailed for six weeks.

The lesbian lover was jailed for one year and five months.


Chan Huey Fern was sentenced to 21 months’ jail on August 2013. PHOTO: ST FILE

Chan Huey Fern, 33, was sentenced to 24 months’ jail after inflicting severe injuries on her Indonesian maid, Ms Juwarti, 22.

Over a period of nine months in 2010, Chan punched her maid in the eye and chest, and kicked her in the groin area until she bled, reported The Straits Times.

She also stamped on the maid's body on separate occasions.

Ms Juwarti ran away on New Year's eve of 2010 after she could no longer take the abuse.

Chan was originally sentenced to 21 months' jail in 2013.

She appealed her conviction but it was dismissed by the High court in August 2013.

She was later sentenced to an extra three months imprisonment after she was found guilty in a separate trial of hitting the same victim’s back twice with a foldable chair.


Former property agent Wong Pui Kwan, 28, was jailed for a year for abusing her Filipina maid Rinonos Analyn Almoit in April 2014.

Another seven charges, including two of voluntarily causing hurt to another maid from Myanmmar, Ms Su Su Han, were taken into consideration during sentencing.

Both maids had started working for Wong in 2011 - Ms Su in May and Ms Rinonos in September.

The abuse began sometime in October 2011.

Wong would turn violent and also dock their pay whenever either of them made a mistake.

In total, both maids ended up receiving only $60 in allowance since they started working for Wong.

The final straw came in December that year when Wong scolded Ms Rinonos for not cleaning her daughter’s mouth properly.

As punishment, Wong pulled down the Ms Rinonos' shorts and panties to her feet in front of her children.

Both maids ran away and reported Wong to the police.


Muhamad Al-Hafiz Nordin, 31, was jailed four weeks for causing hurt to his maid, Ms Yulianti, 34.

Within three months of start work for the couple, Ms Yulianti was physically abused, made to sleep on a carpet at night, and was allowed to bathe only once every three days.

Ms Yulianti was treated well at first but three months in, the abuse began.

Al-Hafiz reacted violently when his wife told him that Ms Yulianti had wiped the water that their daughter spilled on the floor with a rag that was used to wipe the family pet's cage.

He slapped Ms Yulianti's face.

A few months later, in August, Al-Hafiz struck Ms Yulianti so hard on the head that she cried.

The reason was because he found some dry stains on their bottle steamer and blamed her.

Al-Hafiz treated her well at first, but three months into her employment, the abuse began. - See more at:

Ms Yulianti only managed to escape her abuse when she climbed out from the third-floor service balcony to the second-floor ledge.

She then jumped to the ground floor, suffering abrasions to one arm, and somehow made her way to her maid agency Nora Employment Agency.

Although Ms Yulianti lost 20kg in the time that she was employed with them, the prosecution agreed with the couple's lawyers that the weight lost was due to Ms Yuliati's personal dietary issues.

In June, the case against Al Hafiz's wife, Nuraini Hassan, was reported to be still pending.


Soh Meiyun. PHOTO: ST FILE

Soh Meiyun,34, had her 16-month jail term for abusing her Indonesian maid reduced to a $15,000 fine on appeal.

This was after the judge, accepted that the housewife was suffering from both major depressive disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

She was diagnosed only in June, 2013, six month after she was sentenced in December 2012, reported The Straits Times.

Soh had abused her maid from April to May 2009.

She had initially hit her with a bamboo pole on the head, back and thighs.

She later pressed a heated metal spoon on the maid's arm.

She also forced her maid to strip and then used a sewing needle to poke and scratch her body.

Separately, her husband was jailed for four weeks for kicking the maid and hitting her back with a clothes hanger.

The maid has left Singapore and the couple paid her $3,000 in compensation.


Chan Yow Kuen started abusing the maid less than a month after she had started work for the family. PHOTO: ST FILE

Chan Yow Kuen, 50, forced her maid's left ring finger into hot oil in March 2005.

The housewife was angry that her maid Siti  Kamsiyah had used too much oil in the frying pan when preparing dinner for the family at her flat in Clementi, reported The Straits Times.

The following morning, Chan beat her maid for serving a breakfast of bread for two days in a row to her children.

Chan had punched Miss Siti on the forehead, eye, pulled her right ear and pinched her breast.

During the hearing, it was heard that her maid agency had previously issued her two warnings over her treatment of the maid, who only started working for her in January that year.

Unable to bear it anymore, the maid ran out of the house to see a friend who gave her $10 and told her to make a police report.

Chan was jailed for seven months.


Noryanti Abdul Rahim's maid was so fearful that she would be further abused that she climbed out of the second-floor HDB room window to escape. PHOTO: ST FILE

Noryanti Abdul Rahim, was jailed for three months on two counts of maid abuse.

The then 40-year-old had poked her Indonesian maid, Ms Tardem, all over her head and slapped both sides of her face in August 2012, reported The Straits Times.

Noryanti was angry that Ms Tardem did not close the main door of her Commonwealth Drive flat properly.

She also hit her head and shoulder area before dragging her by her T-shirt towards the toilet on a separate occasion.

The maid ran away by climbing through the window of her second-storey flat.



Muhammad Al-Hafiz Nordin, 31 was sentenced to four weeks jail for causing hurt to his 34-year-old maid, Ms Yulianti.

His wife was also pleaded guilty to the charge of maid abuse.

Fomr April 2012 to August 2012, she was physically abused, made to sleep on a carpet at night and was allowed to bathe only once every three days.

Ms Yulianti started working for the family in January 2012.

She also lost 20kg in the time that she was employed with him.

Ms Yulianti only managed to escape her abuse when she climbed out from the third-floor service balcony to the second-floor ledge.

She then jumped to the ground floor, suffering abrasions to one arm.

- See more at: March 2012

Elly Sutra Sulaiman. PHOTO: ST FILE

Elly Sutra Sulaiman, 39, was sentenced to eight weeks jail in March 2012 for punching and kicking his Indonesian maid, Ms Emi Hayati.

He was also ordered to pay $1,000 in compensation to the 35-year-old maid, reported The Straits Times.

In 2011, he had punched Ms Emi in the eye and nose after she denied she had tampered with his bottle of mineral water.

Immediately after hitting her, he told her: "I did not beat you, Don't say I beat you."

He then called the police and told them that his helper, who was only working for him for one month, had taught his children, then aged two and one, to contaminate his water.

During the trial, he claimed that Ms Emi had inflicted the injuries on herself.

The prosecution said the evidence presented by Elly Sutra was “deliberate lies and with a widespread pattern of blaming all and sundry”.


Khairani Abdul Rahman (right)  and Rosman Anwar (left) PHOTO: ST FILE

A couple who regularly slapped their maid for making mistakes and hit her with a plastic stool was sentenced to jail for their actions.

Rosman Anwar, 47, was jailed six weeks for slapping the worker, Ms Solichah, 28, and pulling her hair.

His wife, Khairani Abdul Rahman, received an eight-week jail term for slapping as well as using a plastic stool to hit Ms Solichah.

The couple also threatened to send the maid to Batam to become a prostitute.

Source: The Straits Times, AsiaOne


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