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What would Marvel's Avengers do if they worked in Singapore?

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What if Marvel's superheroes quit their day jobs and decided to retire in Singapore? 

Well, Singaporean Tan Kwang Yang, an illustrator with start up company Annette Tison, has come up with a graphic that answers that question brilliantly. 

The picture has since made the rounds online and the overwhelmingly positive reaction has taken Tan off guard.

He said: "People started coming up with their own lines in relation to what the characters are doing in the image. It's really satisfying to see people actively talking about it."

According to Tan's imagination, Captain America and Winter Soldier are manning a hawker store called Cap. A (Iron) Fried Kway Teow.

And the Winter Soldier is his assistant.




Captain America: Civil WokDealing with the responsibilities of being a superhero became too much of a chore - investing in a hawker stall and working in construction seemed like a much better idea.

Posted by Tan Kwang Yang on Sunday, 31 May 2015


Tan said: "I like to explore different ways of depicting Singapore in a quirky way... I wonder what would happen if there was an economic crisis and Captain America had difficulty finding employment.

"What if Captain America decided to use his vibranium shield as a wok, and made a living as a street hawker below Stark Tower?" 

He added that in this scenario, he could imagine multi-billionaire Tony Stark building him an arc reactor stove by modifying one of his suits.

Tan also imagined that Stark would have bought the stall but would have let Captain America take the reins. 

He said: "So Tony just hangs around and makes the most of his investment by hogging a seat and drinking everyday."

Thankfully, it looks like all that cooking is a workout for Captain America. Good to know he can still maintain that body.

The Hulk, Thor and his brother Loki are putting their skills to good use by going into construction.

Tan said: "Hulk's physical ability can make up for the shortage of construction workers in Singapore. He can basically punch through the ground to construct entire MRT tunnels and build one whole HDB block like a Lego set... provided he doesn't get even angrier because of the hot weather. Also, Hulk also doesn't believe in queuing up for his food."

Ah, now we know.

And for you Black Widow fans? She is now kicking ass in the finance sector at the central business district area. 

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