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24 new infections confirmed, including six-year-old girl

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A six-year-old girl who travelled from India was among the 24 coronavirus cases - all imported - confirmed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) yesterday.

The dependant's pass holder is linked to three previously reported cases.

The new cases take Singapore's total to 58,721. All were asymptomatic and tested positive while serving stay-home notices or in isolation after their arrival in Singapore.

They comprised a Singaporean, two dependant's pass holders, two work pass holders, a short-term permit pass holder and 18 work permit holders.

The Singaporean is a 62-year-old woman who returned from the US. The dependant's pass holders and work pass holders had arrived from India.

The 18 work permit holders arrived from Indonesia and India. Fifteen of them are foreign domestic workers.

One of the work permit holders is a 28-year-old Indonesian man who boarded a vessel on Nov 1 in Indonesia.

On Dec 31, he was placed on quarantine as he had been identified as a close contact of a previously reported case, who is a crew member of the same vessel.

He was taken to a government quarantine facility last Saturday and tested positive for Covid-19 infection on Sunday.

Before that, he had not left the vessel.

The short-term visit pass holder is a 29-year-old man who arrived from Romania to board a ship docked here as a crew member.

With 10 cases discharged yesterday, 58,482 patients have fully recovered from the disease.

A total of 67 patients remain in hospital, including one in the intensive care unit, while 128 are recuperating in community facilities. - THE STRAITS TIMES

By the numbers

24 New cases

29 Deaths

0 New cases in community

10 Discharged yesterday

24 Imported cases

67 In hospital

58721 Total cases

58482 Total recovered