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Accused in billion-dollar money laundering case may be part of syndicate: DPP

There is information that the accused being investigated in the billion-dollar money laundering case are working in a network, the prosecution told the court on Wednesday.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ng Jean Ting said this in arguing against bail for one of the accused, Su Baolin, 41, as there may be a need to interview witnesses who are not among the 10 who have been charged so far.

She said there was a risk of contamination of evidence and collusion if bail was granted.

Six of the 10 accused appeared via video link at the State Courts on Wednesday morning to have their cases heard after they were charged on Aug 16, with the rest expected to do so in the afternoon.

Su Baolin, a Cambodian national, was charged with using a forged document. He was arrested at a good class bungalow (GCB) in Nassim Road and was allegedly found in possession of a foreign passport believed to be issued by China.

Su Baolin, a Cambodian national, was charged with using a forged document. PHOTO: INTERNET

Items including cash of more than $777,000, 33 luxury bags and watches, and 75 pieces of jewellery were seized. The police froze three related bank accounts with a total balance of more than $2.4 million.

On Wednesday, DPP Ng said Su Baolin has a congenital heart condition and was warded at Changi Medical Centre (CMC) from Aug 18 to Aug 20.

His lawyer Sunil Sudheesan requested for bail to be granted for him, citing health reasons.

“The last thing we want is the accused person to get a heart attack in CMC while under investigations,” Mr Sudheesan said.

But DPP Ng objected, saying there was nothing to suggest his condition could not be handled while in remand.

Industry experts said the luxury items seized in the raids are not easily bought. PHOTOS: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE

She had earlier said the application for remand was needed as more time was needed for investigations.

DPP Ng said assets seized from Su Baolin and his wife are in excess of $130 million and that documents were pending from nine financial institutions and forensic extraction and review of 10 devices were under way.

District Judge Terence Tay agreed with the prosecution and denied bail.

He also denied Mr Sudheesan’s request to meet his client before Aug 29 – the date permitted by the prosecution – despite the lawyer’s lengthy submissions on why he should be allowed to do so.

Also appearing in court was Su Baolin’s brother, Su Haijin, 40, a Cypriot national, who had been charged with one count of resisting arrest. 

Su Haijin was nabbed at a good class bungalow in Ewart Park, near Holland Road. PHOTOS: WHATSAPP, JOYCE FANG

He allegedly committed the offence at a GCB in Ewart Park near Holland Road.

The police said in a statement that during the arrest, officers identified themselves outside his bedroom and ordered him to open the door.

Su Haijin allegedly jumped out of the second-floor balcony and was found hiding in a drain by the police. He fractured his hands and legs due to the jump, and was taken conscious to hospital.

On Wednesday, Judge Tay allowed an application for Su Haijin’s lawyer, Mr Julian Tay, to visit him at Changi General Hospital for 15 minutes to discuss the need for surgery in the presence of an investigating officer.

Mr Tay said his client suffered fractures to his heels, femur and wrists.

Su Haijin asked the court if he could make arrangements for the surgeon to operate on him. Judge Tay said this would be done in consultation with his lawyer and the hospital.

The judge allowed Su Haijin to see his family in court via his lawyer’s laptop camera, but he could not communicate with them. Su Haijin waved to them, with his hand in a cast.

Chen Qingyuan, 33, was the first to have his case heard on Wednesday.

DPP Edwin Soh said Chen had three luxury cars seized, and one property was issued with a prohibition of disposal order, which means it can’t be sold.

DPP Soh said they were still tracing the source of funds for these assets valued at around $10 million, and the police were waiting for bank documents to be submitted. 

Chen was denied a phone call with his wife. DPP Soh said he could be speaking with her about dissipation of assets and external parties may be involved through his wife.

Su Wenqiang was next, and the DPP said two luxury cars worth $600,000 were seized under his wife’s name.

Cambodian national Su Wenqiang was arrested at a GCB in Lewis Road in Bukit Timah. PHOTO: CHINA POLICE WEBSITE

DPP Soh said the Commercial Affairs Department needed to ascertain the source of the funds for these vehicles, and they were waiting for statements from two financial institutions under his wife’s name.

They had also confiscated five mobile phones and two laptops, which are undergoing review. 

Su Wenqiang asked for an earlier date for his next court hearing, saying he would try to cooperate with the authorities.

But Judge Tay did not grant this as the prosecution was still gathering evidence.

Lin Baoying, the only woman among the 10 charged, had two cars seized, and five properties issued with the prohibition of disposal order. They were all listed under her name.

DPP Soh said the total value of the assets seized from her was significant, as they were worth $72 million.

He said they needed to determine the source of funds for these properties and cars, and were waiting for bank documents from five financial institutions regarding accounts her spouse has with the banks.

Lin and her lover, Zhang Ruijin, were arrested at a bungalow in Pearl Island at Sentosa Cove.

Zhang allegedly had a foreign passport believed to be issued by Saint Kitts and Nevis, an island nation in the Caribbean.

Lin was allegedly found with foreign passports believed to be issued by Dominica and Turkey. The police said officers seized cash of more than $7.6 million, and issued prohibition of disposal orders for nine properties and five vehicles with an estimated value of over $106 million.

When they were charged, Zhang referred to Lin and told the court: “You can separate her crimes from me, we are just lovers... You can bail me out, but remand her.”

Wang Dehai, 34, had properties seized in excess of $49 million, and DPP Ng told the court there was a review of 11 seized devices.

Cypriot national Wang Dehai was charged with one count of money laundering. PHOTO: CHINA POLICE WEBSITE

The Cypriot national was charged with one count of money laundering and was arrested at his condominium in Paterson Hill near Orchard Road.

On Wednesday, he denied his charges.

He told the court: “I’m being illegally detained. I have been in Singapore for five years and I have not done anything unlawful.”

District Judge Tay said he could make his defence at a later stage.

The six accused will return to court on Aug 30.

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