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Big Walk 2016: Wet & Wild at the Zoo

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Mr Mohd Esa, 64, lost his right leg in an accident 10 years ago.

But that did not stop the retiree from taking part in The New Paper Courts Big Walk for the first time on Saturday (Nov 26).

"I decided to join the Big Walk because I wanted to see if I am fit enough to handle the event," he said.

Mr Mohd Esa who lost his leg a decade ago. TNP PHOTO: KIMBERLY LIM

The retiree, who used to work in the shipping industry, attended the Big Walk with his 40-year-old son-in-law, his 35-year-old daughter and seven-year-old granddaughter.

He followed on his crutches, as the rest of his family walked ahead of him.

He said: "Last year, I walked from Changi Village Bus Terminal to White Sands shopping mall in Pasir Ris and back, and I did this three times."

Mr Mohd Esa and his family were among the 5,000 at the Big Walk to enjoy some family time.

School canteen operators Terry and Pearly Lim with their son, Dominic. TNP PHOTO: RACHEL CHAN

School canteen operators Terry and Pearly Lim were glad for some quality time together with their son Dominic, nine, who often plays Pokemon Go.

"It's so hard to have family time these days, so we think that we should take some time out here to look at the animals and have fun.

"I think that time together is very precious," said Mr Lim, 41.

Long-time friends Ms Ong Chim Buan and Ms Lim Hai Yen.  

Asked if they will be playing Pokemon Go during the walk, he said: "No, I really want him (Dominic) to appreciate the scenery and get some good exercise, rather than being glued to the phone. I think this is a habit that all of us should ditch."

Mr Neo Guo Yong, 33, an IT support specialist, came with his wife, Madam Ang Mei Ling, 33, a cardiac technologist, and their 17-month-old daughter and four-year-old son.

This is not the first time that they are attending the walk. They have been doing so since 2008, when they were dating.


Mr Neo said: "It's been quite a while since I have been to the Singapore Zoo, and going for the Big Walk did let me reminisce of the old days with my wife. It's great that we are attending with our kids now."

Madam Ang added: "It's also fun that we get to experience the Night Safari in the day."

When it started raining, Mr David Tan, 44, and his wife Jane, 33, continued their stroll without an umbrella.

Mrs Tan, a hotelier, said: "The weather was very hot today, and with so many people, it was also humid.

"So when the rain came, we might as well just get wet, and it felt really nice."

Mr Neo Guo Yong and Madam Ang Mei Ling have been taking part in the Big Walk since 2008. TNP PHOTO: RACHEL CHAN

She and her husband of two years, who is a chef, had made it point to participate in marathons and walks every one to three months.

"Attending the Big Walk was (a last-minute decision), but having this targethelps keep us healthy," she said.

Ms Lim Hai Yen, 46, a theatre practitioner, was at the Big Walk to relax with her friend of 20 years, Ms Ong Chim Buan, 48, a teacher.

Ms Lim said: "We wanted to come here as it is not stressful compared to (other events), where you have to compete to see who finishes first.

"The branding for this is also more relaxed, and you can follow your own pace."

They too were glad when the skies opened up.

Said Ms Ong: "I think it's good to head back to nature, and we must get used to the wild side, (such as being) in the rain with no shelter."

Big Walkers having their photo taken with the Night Safari's elephants. TNP PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

Not every participant needed company to enjoy the walk.

Mr Pong Thian Wah, 66, a security guard, has been attending almost every Big Walk on his own.

He said: "I actually bought tickets for my family, but we live too far from the Singapore Zoo, so it's just me here. My wife is also a little old to walk long distance.

"Even though it's raining, I still enjoyed myself."


The elephants are a real hit with Big Walkers... #BigWalk2016

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