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Bus driver allegedly yells at commuters after girl, 11, gets arm caught in door

He has since been suspended, says Tower Transit

A Tower Transit Singapore bus driver has been suspended after an incident involving an 11-year-old girl who had her arm clamped in the door of a bus. 

What enraged the mother of the child was that the driver wasn’t apologetic over the mishap, and instead yelled furiously at commuters who informed him of the issue. 

In a Facebook post on Oct 7, Serene Gwee shared photos of her daughter Ethel’s injury as well as an account of the incident. 

According to her, Ethel was boarding Tower Transit Bus 106 after school recently, when the closing bus door clamped painfully onto her arm.

The child’s screaming alerted the other commuters, who shouted for the bus driver to open the door.

The driver did so, but instead of apologising for the oversight, he allegedly yelled vulgarities at the commuters at the top of his lungs.

His outburst apparently shook the young girl, who met up with her mother soon after at the bus interchange. A fellow commuter accompanied her to make sure she was alright and related the story to Serene.

Serene wrote that she wanted to confront the driver, but her daughter begged her not to, calling the driver “very fierce”.

The incident allegedly left Ethel in shock, along with light bruises on her arm.

Tower Transit replied to her post in a comment, apologising for the incident and condemning the driver’s behaviour as “completely unacceptable”. They requested for Serene to contact them directly as well.

In response to queries from MS News, a Tower Transit spokesperson said that they have suspended the bus captain involved, pending a full investigation and disciplinary actions.

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