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Car nearly hits boy on bicycle at zebra crossing outside school

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A student was nearly hit by a car while riding his bicycle across a zebra crossing along Fernvale Lane in Sengkang.

Stomper Eswari shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred on Friday (Feb 17).

She said: "A school boy who was on his bicycle nearly got knocked down by a car that didn't stop at the zebra crossing.

"Prior to crossing, the boy raised his hand to signal to oncoming cars and started cycling across the zebra crossing. None of the cars on the opposite side of the road stopped to let him pass.

"One of the cars was so close to hitting him but luckily, the boy managed to stop in time."

In the video, a black car can be seen failing to stop for the student despite his hand signal. The boy jerks to a stop, narrowly avoiding being knocked down.

Expressing safety concerns for kids who use the zebra crossing, which is located outside a school, Eswari added: "This zebra crossing is often used by schoolchildren who cross over to their school from the bus stop.

"Even though it's a single lane two-way road, most cars dash across the zebra crossing without checking for pedestrians. There have been many cases where pedestrians have to wait for cars to move off before crossing due to safety."

According to the Land Transport Authority, cyclists and Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users are not required to dismount at zebra crossings. However, they too must slow down, stop and look out for oncoming traffic before crossing.

Meanwhile, motorists are required to "give way to any pedestrian, cyclist, mobility vehicle user or PMD rider who is either crossing or is starting to cross" a pedestrian crossing.