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S’porean says hello in 11 languages, impresses viewers with authentic accents

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A bonafide polyglot or is he just limited to greetings?

A Singaporean student at Oxford University claims to be versed in 11 languages, and shared a glimpse of his linguistic prowess in a TikTok video recently.

Identifying himself as Cody Brody, he told fellow Oxford student and TikToker, Ollie, that he could speak 11 languages, before proceeding to greet him in each one.

The Linguistics and Psychology major began with greetings in English, Mandarin, and Hokkien, before saying “hi, how are you” in Spanish, Portuguese and Tagalog.

He also uttered greetings in Thai, Tamil, Malay, Vietnamese and Italian. 

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When asked how he learned so many languages, Cody said it began as a hobby while in secondary school, until it evolved into an “obsession”, leading him to assist non-governmental organisations in Singapore with translation work.

He did not elaborate on how he learnt the languages or what kind of translation work he did.

It was not ascertained if he could actually speak and understand each of those languages fluently, but viewers were nonetheless impressed with his authentic accent, as far as saying “hello” goes.