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Commuters peeved by crowds blocking Esplanade Bridge on weekends

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If you’ve visited the Esplanade or the Singapore River recently, you’d have noticed the area underneath the Esplanade Bridge packed with people.

It seems the place has become a hotspot for foreign workers and maids on their days off. 

And it appears some folks aren’t too happy about that. 

Several have recently complained that the crowd gathered along the pathway under the bridge makes it difficult for passers-by to walk, reported Shin Min Daily News

Speaking to the Chinese daily, one individual said that usually the pathway would be full of cyclists or runners en route to the nearby park. 

However, when he visited the area one Sunday in February, he noticed the place was packed with maids and migrant workers. 

Some of them had spread plastic bags on the floor to sit on while others were having picnics. 

Others Shin Min spoke to said that while they didn't mind the migrant workers and maids using the public space, the throngs of people made it difficult to walk through. 

Some even complained about the noise – the crowd would often bring their own speakers and have music blaring – despite the fact that the area isn't a residential zone. 

It is understood that the bulk of the crowd would arrive on Sunday mornings, and would disperse by noon.

Not all are displeased with the situation, though. 

An ice-cream vendor in the area, who goes by Ella, said the migrant workers and maids have boosted her business. 

"If they come, the business volume will increase quite a lot," she said. 

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