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Covid-19 frontliners sell Resilience Medals

Several Covid-19 frontliners have put up their national medals – which honour their efforts in fighting the virus – for sale online just months after receiving them.

Checks by The Straits Times on online marketplace Carousell showed at least six listings of the Covid-19 Resilience Medals as of noon on Dec 13, with prices ranging from $380 to $1 million.

One user, who listed his medal for $1,500, said that he has received multiple offers from buyers since Dec 11. The highest offer is currently $1,300.

When asked their reasons for selling the medal, a user, who listed his medal for $380, said that he is selling the award as he is in urgent need of money.

“It’s better to sell and donate the money to charity,” said another user who listed his medal for $1,500.

When contacted, a Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) spokesperson said: “The Covid-19 Resilience Medals are national awards that honour individuals and teams from the public, private and people sectors who have contributed to Singapore’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The medals should be handled with respect, in accordance with the spirit with which they were presented.”  

The Covid-19 Resilience Medal and the Covid-19 Resilience Certificate were awarded to more than 100,000 individuals and teams this year.

The medal was awarded to an individual who has contributed to Singapore’s fight against the pandemic, while the certificate was awarded to a group for its collective contribution.

The awards were announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally (NDR) speech in August 2022

An Instagram account run by several healthcare workers anonymously, @thehonesthealthcareworker, said it was disappointed to see other front-liners selling their medals.

In a post on Dec 13, the group wrote: “That award is a symbol of the collective will and sacrifice of those who put their country before their own comfort.

“It was earned, not bought. To put (the medal) up for sale dishonours and diminishes the significance of all that they did. Some things are simply not and cannot be for sale.”

Elaborating on the sacrifices made by healthcare workers, the group said these workers had to wear personal protective equipment for eight hours a day, endured breathing difficulties when wearing N95 masks and had to move out of their home during the pandemic so their family would not be at risk of getting infected.

The medal is a silver disc encircled by eight arrows pointing towards its centre. Its front side bears a crescent and five stars, with the words “Covid-19” and “Resilience Medal”, while its reverse side holds the state crest encircled by the words “SG United” and “Stronger Together”.

All medals awarded for Covid-19 contributions will have a ribbon that has a thin red line at its centre, flanked on each side by a strip of white, light turquoise and dark turquoise.