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Haw Par Villa says visitor who touched, stepped on dioramas 'irresponsible'

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Haw Par Villa has issued a statement in reference to a recent visitor to the park, labelling her actions “irresponsible” and “endangering”.

A TikTok video posted by anniexu403 has been circulating on social media depicting a woman touching and stepping on the dioramas at Haw Par Villa – a theme park in Pasir Panjang that contains over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes from Chinese folklore.  

The park has been in operation for 85 years.

Many netizens have criticised the actions of the woman, as the video shows her stepping on the dioramas, caressing the statues, and posing with them. 

She is also seen stepping on the exhibits while in heels, while in another she is grabbing onto a statue to support herself. 



♬ 原声 - Annie Xu

In response to the uproar, Haw Par Villa’s statement said: 

By and large, our visitors have been very well-behaved…Unfortunately, we have had a few incidents with visitors sitting on sculptures despite the numerous signs requesting that visitors do not do so. This is both to preserve the sculptural works of art, as well as for their own safety.

Our staff intervene regularly and firmly to prevent such negative behaviour and visitors normally comply without causing further problems.

The management of Haw Par Villa is disappointed at the behaviour of the visitor who goes by the TikTok username “anniexu403”. Her actions are irresponsible as they not only endanger herself but will also damage the art works.

While we appreciate comments on the TikTok video asking for the visitor to respect the works of art, comments on the visitor’s nationality are inappropriate and unnecessary. 

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