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Jack Neo on Ah Boys' Noah Yap taking cannabis: 'I warned them about drugs'

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Ah Boys To Men actor and YouTube personality Noah Yap was sentenced to nine months in Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) detention barracks on Wednesday (March 2) for consumption of cannabis.

Yap enlisted in 2014 and held the rank of Lance Corporal. He was part of the SAF Music and Drama company when the offences were committed.

The 22-year-old had featured in the first two of director Jack Neo's Ah Boys To Men films as IP Man, as well as in Neo's The Lion Men.

Neo told The New Paper: "I am very shocked and sad. How did this even happen?"

He added: "This is especially upsetting because when Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee, was caught for drugs (in 2014), I took the opportunity to remind all the Boys that they should never, ever touch or dabble with drugs."

The warning was not just to protect their careers, said Neo.

"Ruining your reputation is one thing, it is your health that you will be risking."

An SAF spokesman told The Straits Times: "The Singapore Armed Forces adopts a zero-tolerance approach towards drug abuse. Servicemen found abusing drugs will be disciplined and rehabilitated."

First time offenders can be jailed between nine and 15 months. Repeat offenders can be jailed and caned.

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