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Maids 'park' elderly on wheelchairs; engage in their own activities

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Sure, it's important to have fun at work but a group of domestic helpers have drawn ire for having perhaps too much fun.

Stomper Sad Resident said that several maids would gather at Block 10 Marsiling Drive every morning with their elderly wheelchair-bound charges in tow.

He was concerned over how the women would then be occupied with their own activities instead of watching the elderly.

The Stomper shared a video showing five young women and two elderly women at the fitness corner on Tuesday (Nov 15), at around 9am.

One young woman can be seen getting her back scratched by another on a bench. Another woman in a red blouse and long skirt is spotted posing for someone holding a phone camera, before removing her skirt to reveal pants.

One of the elderly women remains on her wheelchair throughout the video, while the other is seen using an exercise machine with a wheelchair on her left.

According to Sad Resident, the group was there for two hours.

He also shared a photo of women having a picnic in front of their elderly wheelchair-bound charges at the same fitness corner on a separate occasion.

Sad Resident told Stomp: "Every morning, this will happen.

"The maids fool around, shout and laugh loudly, and do not look after the ah mahs. They just park the wheelchaired elderly and enjoy their meetup session. They ignore the ah mahs, who have no choice but to just sit and look.

"Not only do the maids leave rubbish lying around, they are also a nuisance to the residents. Every morning, we have to endure their noise.

"I pity the ah mahs. Their children pay so much money to hire these maids to look after their mums. But instead of taking care of the elderly, the maids neglect their duties and enjoy their noisy morning sessions.

"Is this appropriate? The employers's families need to see this. Please help."