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'Fierce and aggressive' crows in Bishan attack passers-by

This article is more than 12 months old

Residents in Bishan have found themselves stuck in a real-life horror movie.

Following an earlier report in Stomp yesterday, a Shin Min Daily News team had gone down to the area and observed the crows diving down and pecking at the heads of passers-by.

Ten people were attacked in just 20 minutes, the daily reported.

The Shin Min reporter watched how a crow swooped down and tugged at a woman's long hair as she walked past a lamp-post.

A Stomper had also shared a video of a man who was attacked by a crow while walking near Block 110 Bishan Street 12 on Sunday (Feb 12) at about 1pm.

In the footage, he waves his hands at a bird perched on a sheltered walkway before realising it was another crow that had attacked him.

The two crows then appear to follow the man before he picks up an item and chases them away with it.

The resident who took the video added that the crows were attacking passers-by all day.

Crows have been attacking residents, reportedly unprovoked, for the past week.

"They are very fierce and aggressive," the Stomper said.

"I am very worried about the old people and young children who can't run away fast enough.

"They attack dogs too.

"Something should be done ASAP before more people get hurt."

The Stomper added that they have reported the matter to the town council and NParks.

Birds may attack people during the fledgeling season when their chicks are learning to fly.

Crows are intelligent creatures and the adults are fiercely protective of their young so they may attack if people get too close, viewing it as an invasion of territory or a threat.

They are also known to be grudge-holding birds and people may be attacked if they have accidentally offended one of their kind.

During a crow attack, one should flee quickly and look for a sheltered area, or use an umbrella to hold off the angry birds.